Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Technology companies rely on IT contract-to-hire workers at a greater rate than other industries

Contract-to-HireMany times Axiom clients require the use of consultants to meet their flexible workforce needs. In some cases project or hiring budgets may not be solidified, so permanent hiring decisions aren’t able to be made at the time of a consultant placement. Clients may also be cautious about absorbing the costs of a new hire for fear of realizing the relationship is not beneficial within the typical probationary 90 days.

Partnering with Axiom provides the client with the flexibility to acquire skilled workers as consultants and determine if budgets or talents empower a permanent hiring.

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Scenarios to consider Contract-to-Hire

  • Project workloads are variable
  • Hiring Budgets are in flux or undetermined
  • You desire an employment trial period with lower costs