Retained Search

RetainedAxiom Consulting Group has developed many Retained Search relationships within the Fortune 500 companies in North America. Leveraging our dedicated team of recruiting professionals and their deep relationships with senior and executive-level technology professionals, clients can handpick the most experienced and successful candidates for their needs.

Axiom recognizes a Retained Search relationship represents a level of trust and commitment that demands high quality results from our team. Axiom ensures that filling your need to find someone that will make a significant impact on company performance is executed with diligence and thorough processes.

Axiom will work with you to construct a strategic plan for the search using your skill requirements and business needs as guidelines. Throughout the identification and interviewing processes, Axiom will conduct itself in an ethical and fair manner ensuring your company will meet regulations for fair hiring practices.

Partnering with Axiom for a Retained Search relationship ensures you:


  • A dedicated team of recruiters with the ability to identify potential candidates outside your local market
  • Thorough in-person screenings of candidates
  • Identification of necessary skills and experience that will have a positive impact on your company
  • Greater assistance with the placement of needed executives