Case Studies

SuccessSuccessful Recruiting Partnerships
Axiom’s direct staffing solutions have been successfully used by a diverse client base in a variety of technology sectors. The payoff for our clients has been equally diverse – from increased profitability to reduced employee turnover.

The examples below are illustrative of several Axiom successes; measured by the critical business priorities that were addressed. We look forward to discussing our services with you in greater detail, including a complimentary analysis of your business needs and how our recruiting teams may help.

Electricity Optimization Hardware and Software

Technician SafetyOur client is a $20 billion leader as a developer and provider of technology and integrated solutions that optimize energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centers, buildings and residential structures. Axiom provides highly skilled direct hire and contract employees for various locations across North America. IT engineers provide skills in multiple programming languages and services throughout the application development process.

e-Commerce based Photo and Imaging Services

e-Commerce based Photo and Imaging Services Axiom is proud to support the direct-hiring of technical talent for our web based photo and imaging e-commerce client. Taking a lead in providing online services for those desiring secure images and photo hosting and sharing, our client has relied on Axiom to attract the best and brightest in the business intelligence and data warehousing sector.

Research Enablement

Research EnablementIn the world of Big Data, a company needs to engineer the most effective and quickest process to move critical business intelligence to all corners of their company. Our big data client designs innovative data transfer solutions that help organizations operate and collaborate more effectively on a global scale. Axiom provided a C-level leader and has quickly followed up providing several other engineering roles for this fast growing company.

Partnering with a World Wide Leader in Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing

Partnering with a World Wide Leader in Consulting, Technology and OutsourcingAxiom works hand in hand with one of the world’s leading providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing. Called upon to assist with identifying the best and most talented IT workers throughout the world, Axiom recruiters provide many direct hire and consultants with deep sector expertise and industry leading skills to this partner.

Skin care and cosmetics

Skin care and CosmeticsEven a world wider leader in skin care and cosmetics needs software engineers and database experts. Axiom has continued to provide top-notch experts to this client enabling them to grow and manage their database, website and e-commerce tools.

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